An Unofficial History of the Tea Party

IMG_254571669781386A lot has been said about the Tea Party. Some right, some wrong. Well, mostly wrong. Since the most common wrong thing said is that the Tea Party is racist, I thought I would offer an unofficial history that shows the Tea Party has nothing to do with racism. It appears that the Tea Party showed up after the election of President Obama, which makes it easy for uninformed people to make that argument. But if we look deeper into it, we can see that the Tea Party energy has been around much longer. It would be easy to say that the Tea Party movement dates back to the “Spirit of ’76.” 1776 that is. While the movement was named after the Boston Tea Party, and there are many similarities, what we see today doesn’t really go quite that far back. Today’s movement goes back to ’76. 1976. When a former actor and Governor of California challenged the Republican establishment for the Presidential nomination. Ronald Reagan lost but his message was heard. Heard enough that it won him the nomination in 1980 and the Presidency. And another win in 1984 with one of the biggest wins in US history. But more than that happened. The election of Reagan was the result of the American people saying NO to the Republican establishment. If the Tea Party movement was around, Reagan would have been considered a Tea Party candidate. But the people made a mistake. They thought that Washington got their message. Instead, the establishment put a smile on their faces and got behind their President. After the ’84 election, the people who voted for Reagan went back to their lives and stopped paying close attention to politics. As soon as Reagan left office, the Republican establishment went back to business as usual. I suppose it is debatable how much of an establishment candidate George H.W. Bush was. It was assumed he would be a third term of Reagan. He got tricked by the Democrats but so did Reagan. His “no new taxes” debacle was more than his victory in Iraq could overcome. That brought in Bill Clinton in 1992. He turned out to be more liberal than voters thought. So the Republicans, led by Newt Gingrich came up with the Contract with America idea. This again spurred the Reagan conservatives. They swept Republicans into congress which forced Clinton to the center and once again America stopped paying close attention to Washington. Then in 2000 George W. Bush came into office. Although he had more conservative tendencies, in the end, he was also an establishment candidate. During the 2008 election when the housing market collapsed, I believe he was desperate to save his legacy. Democrats like to say that George W said a lot of dumb things. And he did. But really, they all do. Everybody does. Ironically the dumbest thing he ever said the left never mentions. That was when he said “I’ve abandoned free market principals in order to save the free market.” Which was the reason for the bank bailout. I also believe this is what killed John McCain’s campaign. He was for it. Most of the country was against it. Not that I am saying McCain would have been a great President. He tried to sell himself as a maverick and a conservative but recent years proved he was a moderate. Leading up to the 2008 election year, the Republican establishment spent a lot of time convincing many Republicans that in order to win elections they needed a moderate candidate. Which the establishment and too many Republicans still believe. Even after many stayed home refusing to vote for Mitt Romney. Anyway, that bank bailout bill pissed a lot of Americans off. That was the spark that actually started the Tea Party movement. It took a while for the fire to get going good but that was the starting point. Yes, George W. Bush started the Tea Party. As the Obama administration got rolling in Washington, he added fuel to the fire in a hurry. By the 2010 election year, the Tea Party had some real momentum. So while the fire started under Obama, the spark started under Bush. Since flames didn’t appear until Obama was in office, it looks like it is just about Obama and as I said earlier, easy to make it look like it is about race. Which it isn’t. And the way it looks, Americans learned their lesson from their mistakes with Reagan and Gingrich. The Tea Party is not going away this time. It is growing, the Republican establishment fears it. So does the Democrat establishment. That can be proven because if the Democrats didn’t they would be helping to fuel the split between the Tea Party and the establishment. But in order to do that they would have to acknowledge the Tea Party as a legitimate movement with real ideas. They don’t want to do that because then their own people might realize they have more in common with the Tea Party than their own Democrat party. Which they do. The left likes to point out that there is a split in the Republican Party while ignoring that there is also a split in the Democrat party. The progressives are taking the Democrat party far to the left. Farther than most Democrats realize. I also believe that is about to bite the Democratic establishment in the ass. Just like the Tea Party is about to bite the Republican establishment in the ass.

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