Bathroom Confusion

This is getting crazy. And once again we cannot have a rational discussion about it. Here is the way I see it. Most of the people on the right are not calling transgender people perverts. In case you missed it and your head is about to explode, I said most. The fear is with the real perverts who will take this as an opportunity. And those people outnumber the transgender people. In the end very few people will be affected by this.

Does that mean we should roll over on it? No. In the end does it really matter? Honestly, probably not. The day may come when this is a non-issue. But it is not today or anytime in the near future. The real problem here is this radical new idea is being forced on us. Whenever a society gets a change forced on them it is faced with opposition and resentment. Maybe we should make all public bathrooms single occupancy. That would solve everything.

The real debate here is should society have public standards. I don’t care what you want to do in your own home. But should we have rules we all follow in public? Obviously yes. Should what bathroom we use be one of them? Right now the majority of Americans say yes. So lets not make this about gender. I feel bad for those who feel uncomfortable in their own skin. I can not imagine what it must be like to feel like you have the wrong gender. But when you are out in public we need some sort of standard. So how about this: If you have a penis you use one bathroom, if you have a vagina you use the other one. It is not about gender but about physical body parts.

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