Free Education?

Bernie Sanders has stirred up lot of emotion about education. Free college. And as usual I have a different take on it all. First of course, nothing is free. Someone pays for it. Tax payers pay for it. But that is not what this blog is about.

This blog is about what we are getting for “free”. Students already get “free” education up to the 12th grade. Once upon a time high school was supposed to prepare young people to go out in the world and be productive citizens. College was supposed to be for more specialized training. The problem is high schools are getting dumbed down. Far to many kids are graduating high school unprepared for the real world. Now I live in a rural community where that is not normal. The problem is the big inner-city schools. The liberal agenda has wildly screwed those kids over. But that is for another blog.

Today a person has to go to at least a few years of college to learn the things our grandparents learned in high school. Why is that?

And now, within the last few months, suddenly our colleges need safe spaces? Are you kidding me? College is supposed to open your mind and teach you to think. (Which I believe should be done in high school.) Yet any opinions not deemed right by liberal professors are being shut down. Colleges are being dumbed down now too. And we are supposed to pay for this?

I started my local community college as a non-traditional student. Meaning I was 28. I have 31 credits. I dropped out for financial reasons. While I don’t regret the experience, it did change my life in many positive ways, it also opened my eyes to what a mess it is. Since then I have used the internet and my local book store to learn a great deal. Much of it for free. Other than the cost of my computer and an internet connection. I would like to go back and finish what I started and get the two year associates degree, but the thought of paying for the liberal bullshit that goes along with it makes me want to bang my head against the wall.


Like many many things in this country, our educational system desperately needs to be scraped and started over.

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