Media Bias

As I waste time on social media, I can’t help but get pissed off at liberal posts. I argued with a friend on Facebook yesterday when he posted a cartoon of Republicans saying stupid things. I get a lot of right wing stuff and I have never heard anyone ever say anything like that. I get so mad when the left says the right said something dumb, then rants about it for days so then the right spends days trying to fight bad press over something they never said in the first place!! It is insane. The left and the right have differences. Why can we not have an honest debate about them? Why do so many lies have to be told? The only logical explanation I can come up with is that the left is scared. They know if we had an actual debate with real facts they would lose. Why else do they have to tell lies about what we think? Could it be if the American people actually heard our ideas they would think they are good? The left thinks they are smarter than the rest of us. So they don’t care how they achieve their goals. The ends justify the means. Please I am begging to have a real, honest debate. All I want is for the people to hear our side. If we can explain our ideas and the majority still chooses to go the other way then fine. So be it.

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