Republic vs Democracy

What are we? A republic or a democracy? What are we supposed to be? Right now we are closer to a democracy but we are supposed to be a republic. I hear people say we are a democratic republic. Sorry that doesn’t work. The reason is simple if you understand what the difference is. There are similarities but the difference is to great. In a democracy we elect people to go to government and make laws they think are best for everybody. Some of our founding fathers called this “mob rule”. They believed a true democracy would be the best form of government but in order for it to work the morals of our leaders would have to remain absolutely true. I don’t think i have to ask you if you think that has happened but I am going to point out that both parties have failed this. In a republic we elect people to go to Washington to follow a charter – our constitution. Which is a set of rules for them to follow. A very specific job description. They don’t decide what is best for us. Our state governments can be democracies, or even communist really. There isn’t anything in the federal constitution that says what kind of government the states can have just that we have the right to have a republic if we want. Sound like another difference between state and federal government? Anyway, we are supposed to be a republic. The constitution is a very specific set of rules our leaders are supposed to follow. The federal governments power was given to them by the states. The states absolutely insisted on their power so they were very careful what power they gave away to the federal government. As we have turned into a democracy the power the states have as been slowly diminished. We are getting to a point where we don’t need the constitution anymore because our elected rulers can do anything they want. 51% majority is all it takes. Most people will say majority rule is good. Until you find yourself in the minority. We are actually supposed to be minority rule. What you ask? Yes, the biggest government in your life is supposed to be you and you, the individual, is the best example of a minority.

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