Seperation of church and state

Religion and politics. Two subjects most people try and avoid, but no debate about government would be complete without talking about religion. It will be the topic of a few posts so let me start here with a full disclosure. I was born and raised Catholic but do not consider myself religious at this time. I struggle at times with what to believe. So, with that said, my beliefs don’t matter here and honestly neither do yours for the purpose of this discussion. It doesn’t matter what anybody believes or if there is or isn’t a God. This is about our history. And our founding fathers absolutely believed in a higher power. George Washington wasn’t really religious before the revolutionary war but after completely believed that America won because God wanted us to. For some reason that I can’t understand whenever religion is mentioned liberals heads spin. Again, I don’t care what your beliefs are, but to truly understand the ideas this country was founded on, what the American experiment was, you have to accept that religion played a very big role in the founding of this country. It did my liberal friends. Historical fact. But my conservative friends, that goes for you too. Much of the republican/conservative platform is unconstitutional. Most all religious/moral arguments belong at the state level not the federal level. I’m not saying your ideas are wrong. Just if the constitution was followed as intended we would still be having the same debates, they would just be at the state and local level. The problem is this is where things get a little slippery. We were absolutely founded on Christian principles but they are not specifically in the constitution. This is one area where I believe the founding fathers misjudged the people a bit. They didn’t think the people would stray away from their faith the way we have. It was such a major part of life they just simply didn’t think it would happen. Which meant that they didn’t think the people would let the government push religion out of everyday life the way it has. They certainly never in their wildest dreams would have believed that the people would not only let the government push Christianity out, but bow down to any other. Like say, Islam for example, which is exactly what the present administration is doing. The founding fathers would not believe that a nation which claims to be like 80% or more Christian is letting a minority religion take over simply to try and get along. I am going to get on my soapbox for just another minute and say that history shows without any doubt that this country was founded on Christian beliefs but you liberal Christians are going to wake up on day and it is going to be gone and you will have no one to blame but yourselves.

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