So Trump It Is

Kasich finally suspended his campaign and Cruz surprised everybody by suspending his. So Trump it is. I voted for Cruz but truth be told, I am glad he backed out. As someone who is far more libertarian than anything, I liked Cruz because he is a Constitutionalist. But in reality, there are not enough people like him in Washington. As much as I would love a President that understands the original intent of the American experiment, the reality of our situation is we are stuck where we are. We are going to have another four years of a narcissistic bully President. Since that is the reality of our situation, I would rather that President be Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton.

It is not hard to find evidence as to why a Trump Presidency should be worrisome so I am not going to go into it here. But the way I look at it is this: We don’t know. Yes the odds may be in the anti-Trump peoples favor, but we don’t know for sure. We do however know what we will get with Hillary. There is still an outside chance Trump may be OK. I do not expect a great Presidency from a libertarian point of view, but he might be alright considering where we are.

The world is on fire. He might be able to put out some fires. I believe he will be tough on radical Islam. Is he going to be build a wall? I don’t know. But I don’t think he will kick that can down the road as everyone else in Washington has for the last forty years. His tax plan isn’t bad. No it’s not a flat or fair tax plan, which I would prefer, but it is a hell of a lot better than Hillary’s. It is no secret we are getting screwed on foreign trade. Would he make batter deals? Probably. Crappy is better than shitty.

At the end of the day, here is the thing. Many people have been bitching about the Republican party for years and now it feels like many are trying to save it. Look at how far we have come in the last 6 years. Instead of being mad, look at the bright side. Ted Cruz came in second place!!! That is incredible!!! 6 Years ago someone like him would not have stood a chance. If we were in the same place as we were 6 years ago Jeb Bush would be the nominee. And today we would all be bitching about another fuckin establishment lap dog as our nominee. We are making progress!!! Don’t turn “Y generation” now and want to give up because we didn’t get everything we wanted right now. We still have the upper hand here. Don’t forget that. There is still a chance with Trump. If Hillary wins, game over.

But what about our principals? Look, I am not saying principals don’t matter, but what good will they do if they cause Hillary to get elected? Do you want to tell your Grand kids someday that you let Hillary win and our Republic fall just so you could say you stood against what bathroom less than 1% of our population used??? Our house is on fire and too may people are arguing about what color to paint the walls.

If we lose, your principals don’t matter. If we lose and Hillary gets to choose four or maybe five Supreme Court Justices, your principals don’t matter.

There is a time to draw a line in the sand on principals. But now is not the time. We have to re-prioritize our principals and accept reality for what it is. Job number one right now is to defeat Hillary. Then spend the next four years continuing to educate people on the founding principals. Make a battle plan for 2020. Redirect the anti-Trump anger into rebuilding the Republican party or better yet get a new one off the ground. But it has to start now. And we may need Trump along the way.

I am not happy about it either. But I am choosing to look at the glass as half full and to work on filling it. I voted for Cruz, but I will be voting for Trump.

And continuing to fight for the next four years.

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