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So Trump It Is

Kasich finally suspended his campaign and Cruz surprised everybody by suspending his. So Trump it is. I voted for Cruz but truth be told, I am glad he backed out. As someone who is far more libertarian than anything, I liked Cruz because he is a Constitutionalist. But in reality, there are not enough people …

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What are Rights?

The term Rights get used so much by both sides and each side has a different definition. The political right uses the definition our Founding Fathers used. Which is, according to the Declaration of Independence, “…that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…”. But what does that really mean? It means we …

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What New Ideas?

This is something that has been on my mind for a while now. President Obama likes to talk about how Republicans want to take the country back to old ideas and the Democrats want new ideas. What? While that may make for a great sound bite, it simply isn’t true. It’s not even what I …

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Here is your real discussion on Gun Rights

Once again the 2nd Amendment is in the news. So many people are talking about why we can’t have a serious discussion about gun control. So here is it. Neither side has made a serious attempt to do anything. Why? Could it be that they don’t want to? I don’t have the hours it would …

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Ben Carson and a Muslim President

This media frenzy with Ben Carson is crazy. Islamic beliefs and the constitution do not mix. Period. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. I believed the lie about Islam we were told after 9/11 for years myself. Then i did my own research. What we call a moderate Muslim I believe is …

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What is America?

With everything going on in this crazy election year and everybody having ideas as to how to make America great again I can’t help but wonder do we really know what America is? America is more than a place on a globe. More than the land of the free and home of the brave. America …

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State vs federal government

This is a topic that truly makes me want to pull my hair out. The word government gets used so much that we have forgotten that there are supposed to be different levels of government. Federal, state, local and in our founders minds the individual. Four levels each with different responsibilities. I hate when talking …

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