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Glenn Beck Is Losing His mind

I say that as someone who was once a big fan of his. I still am to a point, but have not followed him over the cliff. I do not mean for this to be an attack on him. I understand what he is going through. Glenn and many of his followers have prayed for …

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So Trump It Is

Kasich finally suspended his campaign and Cruz surprised everybody by suspending his. So Trump it is. I voted for Cruz but truth be told, I am glad he backed out. As someone who is far more libertarian than anything, I liked Cruz because he is a Constitutionalist. But in reality, there are not enough people …

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Why have two parties?

I just saw a question in the cesspool called reddit asking if not having hearings for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee will hurt Republicans in the general election. If you watch any cable news or any other left wing talking heads the answer is yes. But really it won’t. For the record I am not holding …

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What a Circus

This whole election cycle is getting crazier every day. One one side we have a crazy old fart who openly admits to being a socialist and a former first lady that should be in prison. On the other we have a billionaire reality TV star and a Senator that actually stood up to the establishment. …

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Why does nobody understand?

It baffles me how nobody in the media understands what is going on. Many people on the right are pissed off!!! I mean really pissed the fuck off. That is the simple reason why Donald Trump is still out front. Many people do not care if he is not a real conservative. How many conservatives …

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The Problem of Trust

One of the biggest problems we have today is who do we trust? There are so many people out there saying so many different things it makes my head hurt. I am getting so I don’t trust anyone. I rarely watch cable news. I am very careful who I choose to listen to. Until we …

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Why Trump is Out Front

Many people in the media are trying to figure out why the outsiders are doing so well yet in the polls. Some point out that Trump and Carson are not giving in to political correctness. While I think that is a big part of it, it goes deeper than that. They are standing up for …

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