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So Trump It Is

Kasich finally suspended his campaign and Cruz surprised everybody by suspending his. So Trump it is. I voted for Cruz but truth be told, I am glad he backed out. As someone who is far more libertarian than anything, I liked Cruz because he is a Constitutionalist. But in reality, there are not enough people …

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What a Circus

This whole election cycle is getting crazier every day. One one side we have a crazy old fart who openly admits to being a socialist and a former first lady that should be in prison. On the other we have a billionaire reality TV star and a Senator that actually stood up to the establishment. …

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The Tea Party

Just what is the Tea Party? There are many ideas out there. Some good, some bad. So I figure I may as well offer a theory. But first, I have to start by saying, definitions of the tea party that include racism are completely WRONG. The Tea Party movement is unlike any other in today’s …

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The first problem with liberal thinking

The biggest problem with liberal thinking is that they always think the government is the solution to everything. For nearly a hundred years progressives have been brainwashing America into thinking that the government is the only solution to everything that is wrong with our world. That is not the idea this country was founded on. …

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