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Why have two parties?

I just saw a question in the cesspool called reddit asking if not having hearings for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee will hurt Republicans in the general election. If you watch any cable news or any other left wing talking heads the answer is yes. But really it won’t. For the record I am not holding …

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Why Trump is Out Front

Many people in the media are trying to figure out why the outsiders are doing so well yet in the polls. Some point out that Trump and Carson are not giving in to political correctness. While I think that is a big part of it, it goes deeper than that. They are standing up for …

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The Myth of an Unbiased Media

Media bias is always something Republicans love to bitch about. While I agree it is a problem today, I think everyone gets it wrong. First off, there has never been a time in our country when we had an unbiased media. I don’t know when Americans got it in their heads that the media was …

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