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Is America an Oligarchy?

I just responded to that question on Reddit. I decided it was a worthy enough question to put here. The person who asked the question refereed to a study done by Princeton I believe. No I didn’t read it. Far to often studies are set up to prove a bias. I have an opinion already …

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The first problem with liberal thinking

The biggest problem with liberal thinking is that they always think the government is the solution to everything. For nearly a hundred years progressives have been brainwashing America into thinking that the government is the only solution to everything that is wrong with our world. That is not the idea this country was founded on. …

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State vs federal government

This is a topic that truly makes me want to pull my hair out. The word government gets used so much that we have forgotten that there are supposed to be different levels of government. Federal, state, local and in our founders minds the individual. Four levels each with different responsibilities. I hate when talking …

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