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What a Circus

This whole election cycle is getting crazier every day. One one side we have a crazy old fart who openly admits to being a socialist and a former first lady that should be in prison. On the other we have a billionaire reality TV star and a Senator that actually stood up to the establishment. …

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Why does nobody understand?

It baffles me how nobody in the media understands what is going on. Many people on the right are pissed off!!! I mean really pissed the fuck off. That is the simple reason why Donald Trump is still out front. Many people do not care if he is not a real conservative. How many conservatives …

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What New Ideas?

This is something that has been on my mind for a while now. President Obama likes to talk about how Republicans want to take the country back to old ideas and the Democrats want new ideas. What? While that may make for a great sound bite, it simply isn’t true. It’s not even what I …

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The Tea Party

Just what is the Tea Party? There are many ideas out there. Some good, some bad. So I figure I may as well offer a theory. But first, I have to start by saying, definitions of the tea party that include racism are completely WRONG. The Tea Party movement is unlike any other in today’s …

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An Unofficial History of the Tea Party

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