The Constitution will work

I got into an argument the other day with a friend over my State vs Federal Government post. My friend said something that made me decide to do a post about it. Talking about the constitution, he said that we tried that and it failed. I disagree. Five years ago I would have agreed. Then I started learning about our real history. Not the crap I learned in school. We have been taught things that are misleading, not completely accurate and flat out lies. This country was first founded on The Articles of Confederation. The federal government was extremely small. There is debate as to whether or not this form of government worked. When our founding fathers got together to write the constitution, had the states knew that some were planning on pushing for a new federal government, most states would not have sent delegates. My friend, saying that we tried small government and it failed was talking about the Articles. But the new federal government created by the constitution really wasn’t much bigger. Maybe a lot bigger than the Articles made it, but still tiny compared to what we have today. We have been lead to believe that the constitution allows for the government we have today. IT DOESN’T!!! The constitution has been destroyed by those who take an oath to protect it. It started almost a hundred years ago with the beginning of the progressive movement. That is when enough people got in the right positions to convince us that the federal government wasn’t working. It wasn’t doing enough for us. The federal government could do a better job of running our lives than we could. They called it central planning. We needed to elect people that could plan things out for the greater good better than we can. Now, first, I haven’t been able to find any evidence that the government wasn’t working then and second I don’t see any evidence that the government is working any better now. I hate it when people use today to argue against the ideas of our founding fathers. The federal government we have today is nothing like what the constitution set up. I don’t like what is going on today anymore than anyone else. But to blame it in an outdated constitution is flat out ignorant. Now to be fair, it’s not most people’s fault because it is what we have been taught. If we can’t trust our teachers than we are in trouble. Well our teachers believe it because it is what they were taught. Our history has been changed in text books. Way to many lies have become facts. We can have a debate about whether or not the constitution is the best form of government – I believe it is – but to do that those against it need to understand what it is and what it meant. Very few people who argue against it truly know it’s original intentions. Probably because once you learn it’s original intentions you realize it’s a good idea after all.

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