The first problem with freedom

The first problem with freedom is there is a lot of responsibility that goes along with it. One of the greatest lines ever said in a movie is from the first Spider-man when uncle Ben tells Peter that “with great power comes great responsibility”. The American experiment was a simple idea. That in order to be truly free we should be able to govern ourselves. They didn’t want a big government telling us what we can and can’t do. They didn’t want a big government taking care of us. We are supposed to take care of ourselves. We have to be responsible enough to do that. But what doesn’t get talked about nearly enough is we are supposed to take care of each other also. And by that I don’t mean giving some one in need a ride to the nearest government office. I mean actually help them. The honest reality of that idea is if we don’t help our fellow people out we are going to have to have a government that does. The biggest problem with the liberal philosophy is it works on the idea that overall the American people are to selfish and greedy to so the morally right things to help each other out. Is that right? Am I really just a naive country boy that believes overall the American people are good and will do the right thing? Yes there are greedy selfish people out there that won’t but I fail to see where any form of government will get rid of those people. They will always be there. So is the best idea we can come up with really to tax the crap out of the rich to pay for the poor? It’s not a bad idea in theory. Except not all rich people are greedy and all these welfare programs don’t work the way they are supposed to. We will discuss these programs more in future blogs, I do tend to get sidetracked easy. Responsibility. Being free doesn’t mean that we get to do whatever we want and not care about anyone else. We can’t be free while having a big government that takes care of everybody. The two just don’t mix. If government was actually capable of doing that our founding fathers would have set up a government to do just that. History shows that every big government in the history of the world has failed. We the people means we are the government. It is our responsibility.

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