The first problem with liberal thinking

The biggest problem with liberal thinking is that they always think the government is the solution to everything. For nearly a hundred years progressives have been brainwashing America into thinking that the government is the only solution to everything that is wrong with our world. That is not the idea this country was founded on. It is hard to even have a debate with some liberals because to even try and suggest that there might be another option makes their heads spin. There are some that absolutely believe that everything the government does not only works but works well. Any problems are immediately blamed on republican interference. As a libertarian, I would like to see all federal government programs ended. Over the last 40 years trillions of dollars have been spent on things like the department of education, the energy department, the war on poverty, the war on drugs, homeless programs and none of those things are better now. In fact most are worse. But to have an honest debate as to if there might be a better alternative is apparently just plain crazy. Are we really just little kids who can’t do anything for ourselves and need a big parent government to take care of us? Many of the things on my above list, which is far from complete, I just listed a few, can be done far better and cheaper at the state and local levels. Now again, as a libertarian, I would still argue how much should be at the state and local level and what should be done as individuals, but as a first step I would like to get these things out of the federal governments hands. Is the idea that the farther our money gets from us the easier it is to waste really a crazy notion? If the people in charge of spending our tax money we could run into everyday, do you think they would be more careful? That to me should be common sense.

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