The Real Problem American’s face with Islam

There is so much in the news lately about Islam and terrorism and it is getting us nowhere. I get so sick and tired of hearing those on the left bash us for lumping all Muslims together. WE ARE NOT!!! I do not know of one person that says all Muslims are bad. But if you watch the main stream media you would think otherwise. And it is going to destroy America. We can not have a serious discussion about it. We can not be so scared of offending Muslims that we fail to defend our country. There are some serious things we need to talk about. Some hard things to find an answer for. We know all Muslims are not bad, but how do we tell the difference? That is the big problem. That is a major problem for our military and for us here at home. How do you tell the difference between an ally and the enemy? How do we know you are not secretly a sleeper cell just waiting for the message to go? I do not want to worry about everyone I see that is obviously a Muslim. The left will call that racism. But it is not. Racism is hating all people of a certain race just because of their race. I don’t hate Muslims because of their race. I hate anyone who wants to kill me. Of any race. Even white. At this moment is history, the race with the most people in it that want to do harm to other people are Muslim. That is just a fact. And I am not going to apologize for it. America didn’t cause it. The West didn’t cause it. In World War II we rounded up all Japanese citizens and put them in camps. No it wasn’t right and I am not calling for it now. We do not need to go that extreme but we do need to figure out a way to tell the 10% of bad Muslims apart. I do not know how to do that. But I do know this, the 90% of good Muslims are going to have to accept that the problem is rooted in their faith and until they help figure out a solution, we are going to look at them and secretly wonder. I don’t like it either but right or wrong, that is human nature.

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