The second problem with liberal thinking

The second problem with liberal thinking is it is based on the idea that the American people are overall greedy selfish people who won’t do the right thing so the government has to. The facts are that the American people overall are the most generous people in the world. As I have said in other posts, yes there are greedy selfish people in America. There always will be. No amount of government will ever get rid of them. But we are a good people. The problem with this liberal philosophy is that it’s the other people who are greedy. Not the liberal you may be talking to. I have a friend who does a lot of charity work and he has said that if you go up to a house that you know is a liberal you rarely get money from them. Conservatives give far more than liberals. Not every liberal, but overall this is a fact. When conservatives question government charity programs, they are always called haters. Why can we not have a debate about who should be responsible for helping others? When George W. Bush was in office, he was ridiculed for the problems with FEMA in New Orleans. It wasn’t Bush’s fault, it is the fault of having government involved in the first place. Private charities work more efficiently. If they don’t work well, people stop giving to them and they find a better one. Government charities don’t have to worry about that. The money will always go to them as long as we let our politicians get ridiculed for wanting to stop those programs. The media labels them haters and they keep funding organizations that waste to much money. A hundred years ago having the government involved in charity would be laughed at. Before the government got involved churches did most of the charity work. And they did a great job. Now the liberal movement screams at the thought of a church doing anything to help others. I don’t understand this. Why can’t they? If you don’t want to donate money to a church then don’t. There is nothing stopping non church organizations from doing there part. There are some and they also do a good job. Here is a crazy radical thought: even if you are not religious, it is OK to donate to a church. Charity, as with everything that involves the government spending our tax money, is better left as close to home as possible. All I am trying to argue for at this point is getting the federal government out of it. If the government is going to be in charity than I would rather see it at the state or local level. There is no logical reason for our money to go to Washington D.C., than come back to the state. Why not just leave it in the state in the first place?

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