The Tea Party

.facebook_-1616192687Just what is the Tea Party? There are many ideas out there. Some good, some bad. So I figure I may as well offer a theory. But first, I have to start by saying, definitions of the tea party that include racism are completely WRONG. The Tea Party movement is unlike any other in today’s political world. The Tea party is not about parties. All that matters is if you believe in freedom. Yes most Tea Party people are conservatives. But there are also Democrats and Independents. And even some Libertarians! Now we can talk about a lot of things here, but the most important thing is this: The Tea Party is about Americans pissed off at the politics as usual culture in Washington. That means BOTH parties. All you need to understand to be a Tea Party member is that both parties are corrupt. Big money is in both parties. Neither party represent the majority of Americans. We are all sick of the party game. Your party is corrupt and mine is fighting for us. Mine does no wrong and yours does nothing right. If my party could just do everything it wants America would be great again. That is why both parties fear the Tea Party so much. We see through it all. We are done with it. America does need to be fundamentally changed as President Obama said a few days before the election. But we want it changed back to the principals this country was founded on. They will still work. In fact they never stopped working, as the progressive movement would have us believe. There has been a hundred years of misinformation. Progressives prey on emotions while Tea Party works on reality. This is why it is so easy to bash the Tea Party. If the world worked the way progressives wanted it too nobody would be arguing. I wish things did work that way. What a great world we would have. But reality is a bitch. It will take solutions based on reality to fix the world we live in. Solutions based on human nature. Not he way we want it to be. Humans can’t be forced into change. Societies have to change on their own. It is a slow process. We are getting there. In fact I think it is fair to say America has changed the world in a positive way at a much faster rate than any other society in history. At least until a hundred years ago. When the progressive movement started. OK, to be fair, 50 years ago. When the progressive movement really got going. The Tea Party wants change just like everyone else. We want to debate where we are going. And, unlike the media tells you, we do have real solutions. The bottom line is, don’t believe the main stream media. Listen to the Tea Party message before you make up your mind.

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