The third problem with freedom

The third problem with freedom is for something free it is so easy to lose and hard to get back. In order to do that we have to stay informed. That is a very difficult thing to do these days. Our lives have gotten so crazy with way to many things to do that we don’t get near enough information to make intelligent decisions. We have to make the time to keep up on what is going on in our world. Like I said in the post the first problem with freedom, we have a great responsibility that goes along with freedom. This time it is being informed. Remember if it is going to be government of the people for the people by the people we have to be involved. Way to many people get a majority of there news from people like Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. Hey, I like to watch that show when I get a chance. I think he is funny. But funny is the key word there. He is a comedian, not a journalist. My life is as crazy as anybodies. Some days I have to force myself to watch the news. Maybe that’s because since I have turned into a political junkie I get burned out some days but I have to keep up on what’s going on. Not everybody has to be as into politics as much as I am but at least find more than one source to listen to. Find an opposing view point to listen to. Do some research on your own once in a while. Don’t let anybody be your one stop all you need to know person. Make decisions for yourself. Informed decisions. We owe it to the future of this country to be well informed. Watch a little more news. Make it to a city council or school board meeting. Get involved somewhere. If the people won’t be the government then we are going to have to have a government that takes care of us. That is not at all what our founding fathers wanted.

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