The topic of torture keeps coming up. So of course I have an opinion. I agree with the statement that the United States should not torture. I do not believe waterboarding and the other methods of enhanced interrogation are torture. Waterboarding may be flirting with the line, but I do not believe it crosses it.

But there is more to that issue than that. First off, we the people, were told it was torture. That the evil Bush administration was torturing detainees and how awful it was and blah blah blah. So vote for Democrats so they can put a stop to it. What amazes me is how many Americans believed that the Democrats didn’t know and had nothing to do with it. Are you kidding me? Nancy Pelosi came out and said that the CIA lied to them about it. Which of course the CIA denied. There are only two possibilities here. One, we have a rouge CIA doing whatever they want and lying to the Government. Which there are some conspiracy theorists that would make that claim either way here but I will leave that for another blog someday. Or two, Nancy Pelosi lied for political gain. Considering nobody batted an eye at her statement, I think it is obvious she lied. I mean if the media really thought she was telling the truth about the CIA and they did nothing, well, um, I don’t even know what to say. Besides maybe, if that is the case then WOW, we really are fucked.

So obviously she lied. She lied to get political points. She lied to stir up the emotions of people to get their votes.

They knew.

Right after 9/11 when the whole countries emotions were high, honestly we didn’t care. Regardless as to whether torture is right or wrong, we didn’t care. We wanted to get the bad guys. And that is what our Government did. Only when it was a political advantage did it come out. Am I the only one that ever notices how topics become red hot right around election time? Waterboarding had been going on for 6 years. Why did it only come up in an election year?

I believe we the people should have a debate as to what is or is not torture. This is one of many things I do not believe our Government should tell us what is what. It is for us to decide then let our representatives know and they can make the ultimate decision based on what we tell them. Not the other way around.

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