We Are In A Holy War

It is politically incorrect to say that but it needs to be said. We are, in fact, in a holy war. Why call it a holy war? Because we did not start it. Radical Islam did. Therefore they get to name it. It is not a war of Islam vs Christianity, but a war of Islam vs freedom of religion. America does not care who or what anyone wants to pray to or not. Freedom of Religion. But Radical Islamic Terrorists have declared war on us. This is a war unlike any we have been in before. Our enemy does not act like a traditional enemy. They hide behind women and children like cowards. They do not care about their own at all. The only thing that matters is victory. There are no rules. How do we fight against that?
The religion of Islam needs a reformation. I am sick of hearing how Christians have done all these bad things before. Yes, as someone that was raised Catholic but now considers himself as Agnostic, I know all about the blood on Christianities hands. I have argued about that before. But it has no place in this debate because Christianity has reformed and is constantly changing. Catholics have a Pope now that is making some revolutionary changes. Nothing has changed in the minds of many Muslims in 1400 years. There whole culture in many Islamic countries is barbaric compared to the western world. Does that automatically make our culture right? Of course not. But it is how we want to live. The idea that they hate us for our freedom is at best misleading. It is not the freedom itself but that we are not Muslim. According to their religion, they have to turn the whole world Islamic. Now in the Bible, Christians are supposed to spread the word of God also. But Christians realized long ago that forcing others to convert is wrong. I am sick of hearing that it is a religion of peace. Maybe it could be. There are many crazy laws in the Old Testament of the Bible that we have realized is wrong and do not follow. Even Jews who only have the Old Testament do not follow the old laws anymore. I don’t honestly understand how the Jewish faith works when so much of their book is overlooked but they do and are happy. The point I am trying to make is, it IS the religion of Islam. Moderates may be reformed, but it is just at an individual level. The Islamic authority has not. The Islamic authority in the middle east is evil. And they want to kill us if we don’t convert.
We did not start this. I am sick of hearing how it is all our fault because we stuck our nose in the middle east and if we leave them alone they will leave us alone. Bullshit. I am willing to concede that we probably sped up the process by being involved in the middle east, but it was going to happen either way. It is what there religion says. We are fooling ourselves if we believe otherwise. Yes I see moderate Muslims on TV too saying how the religion has been hijacked and it is not real Islam. There are also converts from Islam in TV that talk all about how evil the religion is. Well I am listening to what the leaders in the middle east are saying. And they are saying they want to kill us.

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