We Can’t Beat Radical Islamic Terrorists Alone

We can’t beat radical Islamic terrorists without the help of moderate Muslims. I say this as someone who gets mad that we don’t see many of these moderates we keep hearing about. I understand that they are as scared of the radicals as much as anyone. Probably more since they know better than non-Muslims what dangers we are facing. But at some point they need to stand up and fight for their religion.

In order for that to happen they(the moderates) have to believe that we will have their back. Many in the Middle East have reason to doubt the United States. We have left them on their own a few times in the last 40 years. And considering the pandering President we have now, honestly I would be keeping my mouth shut too.

But we still have a problem. There is still a group of people in this world that want to destroy us. They all happen to be members of the Islamic faith. Too many people want to ignore that fact. Any one who points it out is called an Islamaphobe. I don’t know how to spell it since that isn’t a real word. It is a made up word by those on the left to try to shut us up. The same people who always lump 2nd Amendment supporters into one category. I know there are some nuts on my side. I don’t support them or their ideas. I also know that not all Muslims are bad. But if we can’t point out the bad ones we are helpless to fight the bad ones. The good ones don’t want to help us when they think we hate them all. We only hate the ones that want to destroy us. Can that be said any clearer?

Yes there is a lot of anger on the right on this issue. The left tells Muslims that that anger is toward them. It is not. It is that we are watching our world on fire and not being able to do anything about it because of political correctness. We say over and over again that we want to destroy RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. We do not want to destroy Islam. We do actually believe in freedom of religion. We do not care who or what anyone wants to worship. We want to worship or not worship whoever we want.

But there is another issue here in America we need to discuss. Something I don’t understand and I don’t think I am the only one who doesn’t. While the bible has rules in it for how a person should live their lives, those ideas are basically the same as any rules we would come up with for how a free, civilized society should conduct itself if we took God out if the equation. Islam however has far more rules that govern daily life. Sharia Law. Many of those rules don’t mix very well with what we believe freedom to mean. So I don’t understand how Muslims can live here and practice their faith right. Since I consider myself to be agnostic, I really don’t need an answer to that specific question. What I would like to know, and am trying to find out is what that means for our society. If their is a God we will all have things to answer for in the afterlife. I am concerned with this life now.

But I got a little off topic. Assuming everything we hear about moderate Muslims is true, we need to know if they will stand up and make their faith have a reformation as Christianity and Judaism did and leave the ancient ideas in history and be peaceful. Because if they don’t, we cannot beat Radical Islam. A new group of radicals will pop up somewhere else. If moderates will not, we will have no choice but to assume they all want the destruction of the non-Muslims world and we will have no choice but to destroy Islam. I do not believe that will happen. Down deep I am an optimist and believe that if we convince moderate Muslims that we are going to take on Radical Islamic Terrorists and we are going to WIN, they will stand with us.

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