What a Circus

This whole election cycle is getting crazier every day. One one side we have a crazy old fart who openly admits to being a socialist and a former first lady that should be in prison. On the other we have a billionaire reality TV star and a Senator that actually stood up to the establishment. But that is not the craziest part!!! The craziest part is the the establishments of both parties are going to screw the voters!!!

Bernie and Hillary should be neck and neck in the race but the DNC, since they love Democracy so much, have a system in place where they have “Super Delegates” whose votes can override the voters. Each “Super Delegate” vote is worth 10,000 votes and they can vote for whoever they want. Almost all have gone to Hillary. Bernie could get to the convention having won the popular vote only to have it given to Hillary with her “Super Delegates”.

Trump and Cruz are actually both taking populist stances. Donald is one the populist side of moderates in both parties. Ted is on the populist side of Tea Party/libertarians/Conservatives. I am going to call them TlC people. Notice that I used a small “l”. There is a difference between Libertarians and libertarians.
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I didn’t mention Marco Rubio or John Kasich because they don’t have a chance. All they can do is try to get votes away from Trump. Hopefully they both drop out after their home States. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

It is looking more and more everyday that we are going to have either a brokered or contested convention. The GOP does not want either Trump nor Cruz.

This is going to make for a wild summer. Will Democrats and Republicans get behind whoever is given the nominations? Historically I would say yes. Every four years the media spends ridiculous amounts of time asking that question.

But this year I am not so sure.

The reason is, this year there are a LOT of pissed off voters on both sides. If they feel their person had the nomination stolen from them I am not so sure enough will be loyal. There have been many close races in the past but the nominee always won fair and square. Or at least appeared too. What appears to be coming may rock both parties to their core. Neither party understands what they are doing. Neither party is listening to the people. Both parties think they know what is best for us. Which for the record, is a wildly UN-American idea. Many people are waking up to that. Which also leads to the anger among the voters.

Right now there should be three parties. One on the far left, one in the middle and one on the far right. I don’t mean religious right. I mean right towards Libertarianism. And of course the far left means Socialism.

So right this election cycle we have Cruz on the far right, Trump in the middle and Sanders on the far left. Hillary is trying to make people think she is also in the middle but she is not. She is far closer to the far left.

So what does that mean for November? Good question. I wish I had an answer. Both parties can either save themselves or damage themselves for years to come. For the GOP, they should know it. Lots of people are talking about it. But again, they are not listening. For the DNC, they don’t know it. They do not see the split that is forming in their party also. Not many people are talking about it. Believe it or not, not all Democrats are wanting Socialism. President Obama might just be the chosen one that was joked about in 2008 by some on the right. To be fair to the Star Wars reference, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader chose to destroy the Emperor. Obama may destroy the DNC by accident.

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