What is capialism?

Capitalism is a fairly new word yet is has had some big meaning changes in the last few years. It started out meaning a type of economic system which all aspects of business was controlled by private industry instead of corporations or the government. For some reason now it simply seems to mean greed. That is not what capitalism is. Capitalism is having the freedom to do what you want. Do some people get rich? Yes, they do. Does everybody? No, they don’t. Capitalism gives us the chance to be successful. But being successful doesn’t mean rich and greedy. To most people it means being able to provide a comfortable life for your family. If they get rich along the way that’s OK to. It does happen. But capitalism is about the freedom to succeed. How many people that bash capitalism as evil play the lottery? Would you give up the money if you won because now you would be an evil rich person? I doubt it. It is only other rich people who are evil. It is capitalism that has made America the leader of the world. Most great inventions have been made in America because of freedom. Because of capitalism. Think about this, throughout human history, things changed very slowly. Since America came around with freedom and the ideas of capitalism the world has changed drastically in only a couple hundred years. Do you think it is a coincidence? I don’t. America’s freedom has changed the world many times over. It is because of capitalism. Anybody can be a capitalist. Anybody could be rich because of it. That doesn’t mean you have to be greedy. Hollywood actors and professional sports people make ridiculous money. Why? Capitalism. Look at Micheal Moore. He used capitalism to tell us how evil it is. And he has gotten rich. But here is the thing everybody needs to realize. Greed is a human flaw. There are going to be greedy capitalists. There are also going to be greedy socialists. No form of government or economic system will ever be able to get ride of greed. Here is the ironic thing about all this: while capitalism has been associated with greed, capitalism is actually the best defense for greed. In a free market capitalist system (which for the record is not what we have now) there is lots of competition. The more competition the more people can succeed which means there is less chance for a few people to make a monopoly and be greedy rich. Right now a lot of the greedy rich are people who have ties to Washington. Both sides of the isle. The main stream media doesn’t report how much money wall street gives to democrats. I don’t like the system we have in place right now any more than anyone else. The thing is capitalism is being blamed for the problems we have when its not capitalism we have right now. I want to see the system we have right now changed too. But I want to go back to true free market capitalism. It made America great and it will make America and the world even better.

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