Why does nobody understand?

It baffles me how nobody in the media understands what is going on. Many people on the right are pissed off!!! I mean really pissed the fuck off. That is the simple reason why Donald Trump is still out front. Many people do not care if he is not a real conservative. How many conservatives have been sent to Washington D.C. in the last six years and done nothing? But the thing is, the liberal media doesn’t even get it. They could use this to their advantage in a heartbeat. They could exploit the split in the Republican party. But they don’t. The establishment Republicans had better get the message and get it quick. I think Rush Limbaugh puts it best when he says “stop letting the left choose our candidates.” He is spot on. Why does the establishment listen to the left when they say that if the Republicans are going to win they need to be this way, or have a candidate like this. STOP IT!!! Listen to the people you say you represent. Your time is running out. You have become Democrat light. Stop worrying what the media might say about you. STAND UP FOR SOMETHING!!! The Tea Party is not going to destroy the Republican party and neither is Donald Trump. The establishment is. This is so frustrating it cannot be explained without using a lot of vulgar language. Your time is running out. The Republican party is about to go the way of the Dodo bird….

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