Why have two parties?

I just saw a question in the cesspool called reddit asking if not having hearings for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee will hurt Republicans in the general election. If you watch any cable news or any other left wing talking heads the answer is yes. But really it won’t. For the record I am not holding my breath that the Senate will hold out but for now it looks good. Truthfully, they should have a hearing and then vote whoever down. But since the Senate is mostly spineless, it is better they don’t do anything.

Why is it the left always wants to tell the right how to run their party? If the right gets any more like the left they might as well get married. Why shouldn’t a donkey marry an elephant? They have rights too. Just make it official already. What does the right really stand for? Does anyone know?

The purpose of two parties is to have different ideas. To be historically accurate, the Founding Fathers did not want us to end up with two parties. But that is how it started. You either wanted a big Government or a small Government. So the two party system was born.

The problem is BOTH parties are for big Government and we have a growing number of citizens that want a small Government. What are we to do?

This is also a reason for the rise of Donald Trump. If we are going to have a big Government shoved down our throats another four years then why not go with the outsider. Does that mean he will be a good President? No it doesn’t. Does Trump have the potential to be a good President? Depends on what your definition of good is. If we are talking the system we have, then yes he has the potential. If we are talking about the system we are supposed to have then no, he doesn’t. But to be fair, we haven’t had a good one in almost a hundred years. Some would argue longer than that.

The point is, I am so fucking sick of being told how my party or my side or how I should think, by the OTHER side!!! No other realm in our world do you have two sides and one tells the other how to act. Imagine if before the big game one team tells the other team how to play the game. If the Broncos coach told the Patriots if you want to win you had better run the ball and not have Brady pass. Would the Patriots say OK and have Brady hand off the ball all day? Or would the Patriots tell the Broncos to shut the hell up and have Brady pass since he is one of the best?

For the love of all that is good in this world, Republicans STOP LISTENING TO DEMOCRATS!!! And that includes the media. We the people want you to stand for something different. We are sick of having our two choices be Democrat or Democrat Lite. The American experiment still means something to us.

If you don’t know just what the American experiment was, stay tuned. That blog is coming soon.

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