Why Trump is Out Front

Many people in the media are trying to figure out why the outsiders are doing so well yet in the polls. Some point out that Trump and Carson are not giving in to political correctness. While I think that is a big part of it, it goes deeper than that. They are standing up for themselves. We have seen WAY to many Republicans bow down as soon as the main stream media starts calling them haters. They backtrack statements so fast it makes your head spin. Many of us on the right can not figure out why they give into the media so much when so many reports are flat out lies. It is infuriating! The media makes something up then spends days or even weeks bashing Republicans about it when it was a lie from the beginning!!! This is probably the biggest attraction for Trump and Carson. They are not backing down. Now to be fair, there are two other candidates that have a track record of not backing down. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. As we get closer to the start of elections, Cruz is on the rise. It is probably because as we start thinking more seriously about elections, people are starting to gravitate towards politicians instead of the outsiders. Will this continue and The Donald will start to lose in the polls? I don’t know. We will have to see. It will be interesting. The ironic thing is, this election cycle where we have a few solid politicians, a big portion of the electorate have decided they are feed up with politicians and may very well elect Trump as an outsider.

The bottom line is, how can a politician ask for our vote to go to government to stand up for us when 99% of them won’t stand up for themselves?

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